Hello There!

I am a Software Developer with 2 years' experience building full stack applications. I have previously worked in sales roles as a Technical Recruiter and Entrepreneur. I would like to bring some of these skills into a Software Developer role!

Technologies I have used include Javascript, TypeScript, React, Go, SQL, Docker, HTML & CSS. Checkout some of the projects I have worked on.


This web application helps users build customised CVs by analysing job postings and extracting relevant keywords and skills using the OpenAI API. It also allows users to track their job applications.

Languages used: React, TypeScript, Go, AWS(Lambda functions, API gateway, Amplify)

project screenshot


A variation of the classic brick breaker game. The is fully functioning game with the engine and tools built in vanilla Javascript. Furthermore the game runs at atleast 60FPS. This project helped a lot with learning how to manipulate the DOM

Languages used: Javascipt, HTML, CSS

project screenshot


The aim of this project was to create a digital ant farm. Each ant would start from the start room and use the links to find its way into the end room in the most efficient way. This project solidified my skills in data structures and algorithms. Variations of the Depth-first search and Breadth-first search algorithms were used to complete this project.

Languages used: Go

Social Network

This project is a facebook clone that has most of the same capabilities available. In addition web sockets and goroutines were used, allowing users to message each other in real time.

Languages used: Go, Javascript, React, SQLite, HTML, CSS